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QUESTION: I had gastritis and accidentally ingested part of a dish that had bumped up against the microwave.  I inspected my food and did not notice any pieces of the broken plate but the next day I realized I had overlooked something.  I began having increased stomach pain.  
Sometimes I would skip a meal because I was having stomach pain.  
I later noticed that after skipping a meal my stomach pain got even worse- as if going from an empty stomach to having food in it again caused additional stomach pain.  I don't know if this is a symptom of a specific health problem- that is something that has stood out.  I did not think that was a symptom of an ulcer.  
The other symptom I noticed is that I have increased sensitivity to salty foods.  I have not noticed any blood in my stool.
Can you tell me what you think the problem is?  
I don't understand why I would have increased stomach pain after skipping a meal.

ANSWER: Dear Ryan,

Increased stomach pain after skipping a meal can be symptom of the chronic gastritis.
Do not focus on ingested part of a dish. I do not believe in that. You are scared for nothing.

Eat healthy food do not skip meals. Drink warm Chamomile and Peppermint herbal teas one week.
If you afraid of the ulcers, gastroscopy may easy reveal it.

Gastritis means chronic stomach inflammation. Unhealthy eating habits, some medications, alcohol, and drugs may aggravate chronic gastritis.
If you need information about healthy food, you may find it in my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, Part 2.

It will be unprofessional to give you medical advice without knowing your medical date, life-style, eating habits, tests, etc.
I may give good advice if you fill up the Biotherapy’s Patient Questionnaire and send it to me by email or fax.
After that, call to my office for phone consultation.

I wish you good health.

Peter Melamed. Ph.D.
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QUESTION: If I fill out the questionnaire will I be able to copy and paste the results to you?

Dear Ryan,

Please, fill up the Biotherapy’s Patient Questionnaire and send it to me by email  
I will examine it. Leave your phone, so my staff will call you about phone consultation.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed. Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic in San Francisco
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