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QUESTION: I've been having since late last friday night on and off rectal pain with followed by flatulence then it would go away until it wants to start again either if im sleep or awake, sitting or laying down.The pain was more intense at first versus now.I was having excessive gas also which had died down, but i feel it in my lower abdominal area a groweling plus flatulence.I was having I looked online for an cause or answer but everything i seen has something to do with blood in stool, constipation, fatigue, etc and i have none of those just the gas in lower intestinal region, flatulence and rectal pain.I did have some molded bread accidentally right before these pains started.Im only 19 my doctor is booked up and im scared

ANSWER: Dear Ta'John,

Your symptoms are similar with Candida-yeast overgrowth after eating molded bread.
  Do not eat sweets, sugars, bread, white flour, drink alcohol
  Take probiotics, digestive enzymes, a lot of warm fluids, Chamomile tea, in case of pain-OTC pain remedies

If this is not helpful or the symptoms persistent more than week, go and see your doctor for diagnosis to rule out rectal inflammation.

Have good health.
Peter Melamed. Ph.D.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok thank you so much. So the random interrectal pain spasms which is being stopped flatulence every time is due to that yeast fungus?

Dear Ta'John,
Candida-yeast is the smartest and common microorganism in the human body. It is a great mimicker, and Candida-yeast overgrowth causes various symptoms including yours. I do not know your medical date, so I cannot treat you on the internet.
Follow my simple advice, I hope it will be helpful.
Have good health.
Peter Melamed. Ph.D.


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