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Dear Doctor,
Hope you are doing great. I am 46yrs old Indian having slim body. But I have a big belly which makes to lack in self confidence. What is the reason for having this. I happen to see in a website that taking calcium d Glucarate and b complex tablets together will reduce the pot belly. Is it true? Can I try this?. Due to multiple hernia surgery I cannot do vigorous exercises like crunches and other abdomen exercises as it generates severe pain in the lower abdomen. Pls advice me whether can I try these tablets.


Dear George

Big belly is cosmetic problem for you, but it is a symptom of the metabolic syndrome (MS). This is the cluster of symptoms’ including belly fat, fatty liver and pancreas, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol. In 8-10 years, persons with metabolic syndrome will have many health problems such as diabetes, heart disorders, hypertension, possible losing memory, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, and more. The culprit that cause metabolic syndrome is bad eating habits. Eating sugars, white flour and rice, sweet processed juices and sodas produces too much insulin in the blood and insulin resistance. Whole body acidity also leads to MS.

Supplements such as vitamin D and vitamins B’s is brneficial, but without proper diet they useless.

I hope I did not discourage you.

If you want to know more about metabolic syndrome and healing diet, you can go to my EBook “HEALTHY PANCREAS, HEALTHY YOU” part 1 and 2.

You may google “metabolic syndrome”, as well.

Exercises’ like crunches do not solve your problem, but morning walk before breakfast can.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.


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