I've had an uncomfortable, sore bloated feeling between and just under my rib cage, now going into day 3. It has become worse and it looks quiet bloated too. It hurts more when I push on it and move around.
I have a very healthy diet and excersize every day.

Hi Elise

Even you “have a very healthy diet and exercise every day”, anyway you possible have problem with proper digestion.

Bloating and gas are symptoms of bad digestion and low function of the pancreas and bile. Not properly digested foods are fermented by bacteria and yeast with creating many toxic matters, gases (gas, bloating).  Consecutively, this toxic mass causes irritation, inflammation, porous gut, food allergies, low amount of the beneficial intestinal bacteria and dysbiosis (Candida-yeast overgrowth or small intestine bacterial overgrowth-SOBO), nutritional deficiencies, internal toxicity, etc.

I suspect that you have functional dyspepsia when person has symptoms but the tests are normal. If you want to know more about Functional Dyspepsia condition, read my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 1. Read functional disorders. Pancreas is core of proper digestion. Go to functional disorders.

The first step is no milk, sugars, white flour, take good quality probiotics and pancreatic digestive enzymes, Chamomile tea is also useful.
Bloating can be worse in some women before periods. It also may be after course of antibiotics.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco  


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I published many articles on internet about gastrointestinal disorders. 1. Peter Melamed, Ph.D., Felix Melamed, LAc, MSTCM. EBook Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You. Publisher Biotherapy, Inc, September 2014 2. Peter Melamed, Felix Melamed. Chronic Metabolic Acidosis Destroys Pancreas. JOP. J Pancreas (Online) 2014 Nov 28; 15(6): 552-560 3. Peter Melamed, Felix Melamed. Short Review of Our Work - "Chronic Metabolic Acidosis Destroys Pancreas" with Focus on the Functional Exocrine Pancreatic Disorders JOP. J Pancreas (Online) 2015 Jul 08; 16(4):365-368 4. Peter Melamed, PhD, and Felix Melamed, MS. Acidity Kills the Pancreas. Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine. August/September 2015, p. 74-80 5. Peter Melamed, Felix Melamed. The Role of the Metabolic Acidosis in the Development of Chronic Pancreatitis. SM Group (USA) Chronic Pancreatitis: Recent Advances. 2015, Aug 10

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