My daughter who just turned 30 has had intermittent constipation for 15 years.  She will be fine for a month and then poop once a week for 2 weeks, etc.  She decided to go to a dr to see if she should use Linzess. She 1st went to an internist who found she had very low vit d (5), high cholesterol (268), and 5.7 tsh.  He is doing a 2nd blood test for more thyroid data and treating the vit d and cholesterol.  Meanwhile, she went to a gastroenterologist.  He wants to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy, and celiac breath test.  She refuses to do the endoscopy and colonoscopy.  She does not feel she needs them since the issue comes and goes.  Would you say this is a bad "call" on her part or not?  THank you for your help.

Dear Lauren

I share concern about your daughter health. Obviously, she has a few interrelated issues. Constipation and low thyroid, deficiency of the vitamin D and low thyroid, high cholesterol and low thyroid are common, interrelated conditions.
For your thoughts, I can give you possible reasons for your daughter’ constipation:
•   Candida-yeast overgrow. It is possible if she took antibiotics, bad water supply (chlorinated water). Constipation/diarrhea may be also symptoms of it.
•   Low amount of the friendly intestinal bacteria
•   Not enough fiber in the diet
•   Dehydration
•   Not enough magnesium, potassium.
•   Low pancreatic function. Gas, bloating, left upper abdominal pain
•   Low amount of the bile. Bile constipation is in people that avoid fatty foods (olive oil, eggs, butter). These products stimulate the releasing of bile. Bile is natural simulator of the intestinal peristaltic  
•   Food  allergy, sensitivity
•   Low thyroid function. Some areas in the U.S. may have low amount of iodine. Temperature test may show that
•   In women, it can be connected with taking of the BCP
•   Depression. Combination of constipation and depression is well-known medical fact
•   Lack of exercise, sedentary life style
•   Some medications
•   Changes in life or routine such as travel
•   Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement

The good answer about healthy diet including constipation, you can find in my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 2. Pancreas is core of your proper digestion. Healthy diet is vital.

If you feel that I can be helpful for your daughter, fill up the Biotherapy’s Patient Questionnaire and I will talk to her by phone

I do phone consultations all over the globe.

I wish good health for your daughter and you.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
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