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I am 47 and have severe health anxiety since last 15 years and was diagnosed mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation before 6 years. All this year my fear was related to heart disease, heart attack, stroke arrhythmia, MS etc. but one week before blood came from my urine and got scared and went to urologist who did ultrasound for KUB and found there was no stone & told me it might be minor infection. The Dr. gave me antiobiotic & told to complete the course. But, suddenly Since one week I got FEAR of Cancer, which started with this infection as i had heard any blood coming is not a good sign & aslo all of a sudden I remember one of my aunt who died of cancer before 20 years, she was having blood in the stool. My mind just remember that event & I started to look at my stool everytime & fearing that there is blood in stool or my stool is black & I will get or have some sort of stomach related cancer. I am afraid to go the bathroom for my poo, even small belching, bloating, gas makes me afraid. How to fight this fear. Plz help me I am dying of obsessing this stomach cancer fear. I know that, this is irrational fear and I know other than cancer, blood can come by ulcer, anal fissure, inflammation of the colon etc.My anxiety is very severe and I am unable to relax or sleep. I am taking cipralex(escitalopram) 10 mg including .25mg rivotril 2 times since one week and also taking bisoprolol (beta blocker) 5mg for my blood pressure. Due to anxiety & fear, now my bowel movement also increased with hard stool and sometimes i feel stomach pain. Anti anxiety medicine are also not helping me to control this fear. Sometimes I am thinking this medicine is only for controlling the bodily sensation due to anxiety & it will not help the symptoms of stomach cancer, what should i do to remove intrusive & catastrophic thought, which brings more flight & fight response. Sometimes i behave like i have cancer, sometimes i fear i will catch & sometimes i want to prevent, its very confusing. I am avoiding to eat much food also. Please some one help me i will be grateful to him. Also five years back i was having H.Pylori bacteria, when i went to check with the cardiologist. He gave me three weeks antibiotic treatment & after stool test, the H.Pylori bacteria was negative. I read that H.Pylori bacteria also can cause Stomach cancer. Also, i just entered the word to know about Acid reflux/Gerd, the search engine gave answer, Gerd or Acid reflux can cause cancer. Which made me more fearful & obsessed. All this nonsense things are coming on the net which we are unbalbe to judge by our mind & get trapped in anxiety vicious cycle & create more stomach problems. Even minor things in my stomach is making me more obsessed & fearful. If anyone is getting gerd or have Acid reflux will he get cancer. All the symptoms of Acid reflux, indigestion or anxiety make me afraid of cancer. How to challenge this negative or catastrophic thought with solid positive answer. So, many populations in this world are having mild or choronic gerd/acid reflux problems & they are living with the symptoms & by taking omeperazole.

Dear Afzal

You have typical hypochondriac behavior with cancer phobia. Cancer like all diseases has the symptoms or changing in the tests. From your letter I did not see any of them. Your personality will refuse any positive thoughts and focus only on the bad things.

My advice is to find experienced psychiatrist who familiar with hypochondriac behavior.

Next, gastroscopy and colonoscopy can verify your problems.

Do not read medical information, even blogs about cancer!

You took a strong antibiotics treatment that can kill your beneficial intestinal bacteria with subsequent Candida-yeast overgrowth. Candida-yeast is big mimicker. Try to find naturopath who will help you with restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed, PhD


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