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Gastroenterology/Mallory Weiss tears, perforated ulcer, Reglan and gastroparesis


1) Can Mallory Weiss tears be serious? Can they rupture or cause noticeable problems? What causes them?

2) My 34 year old, slim male, smoker friend is in the ICU following a  perforated gastric ulcer that has never even shown symptoms before this. Occurred suddenly. Lost significant amount of blood, had agonizing pain. Was surgically repaired internally and externally.  
- How likely is it that the problem will recur if he is put on a PPI and eats sensibly?
- What may have caused the sudden rupture?
He had not recently consumed highly acidic foods or alcohol, no illicit drugs, was not doing anything strenuous, had been feeling well recently, but takes a daily cocktail of various meds.
- How soon can he and I go out to dinner?

3) Does gastroparesis ever resolve on its own?

4) Does Reglan help GERD? Help IBS-D?

Hi Amanda

Everything has to have reason for it. Perforation of the gastric ulcer is a serious condition, it is an alarming bell to change the life-style. He is not my patient, so I cannot give him medical advice. For my patient I may recommend:
   Diet without gluten, sugars, milk
   Stop smoking and drinking one year
   Stop using NSAID
   Take healing mineral water prepared from genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt
   Cellular magnesium-Potassium
   Digestive Enzymes
   Probiotics (Trenev Trinity)
More info about diet you can get from my EBook
“Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You” part 2

Do not kill the messenger, but his condition is chronic and cannot heal by itself.
I wish you and your friend good health
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.

Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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