Hey doc. Thank you for our service. Listen, I am a 42 y/o, otherwise healthy male. I’m in good shape. For the last 5 years or so, I have taken Zantac almost daily for heartburn ( acid reflux). Although I have never had a diagnosis of “GERD”- I take these to prevent heartburn. I saw a gastro recently due to an unrelated issue and had a “normal” abdominal CT scan. I have also had a colonoscopy 5 years ago. I eat relatively healthy and drink coffee and beer socially. Here is my question. About 3 years ago, I experienced a nagging stomach ache off an on for a few weeks. There were no other symptoms (vomiting, ect). Just a localized type of nagging stomach ache that was center, mid abdomen (above navel). Nothing provoked it but it occurred late evening. Fast forward to this week. Last night I experienced the same thing. It started late evening, came and went in waves but same location and exact same nagging dull ache. Since I recall this from years back- any idea what could cause this. Its better this morning.

Hi Timmy

I cannot make diagnosis; I do not have your medical data.
Taking stomach acid suppressors’ “to prevent heartburn” is a risky business

Your pain could be the small alarm bell to change your life-style, eating habits, take care of your digestion. The reasons for your symptoms can be various.
•   Gastritis
•   Functional Dyspepsia
•   Mild attack of pancreatitis
•   Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction
•   Stomach ulcer
•   Hiatal hernia, etc

For your knowledge, you can find many important to you information and advices in my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 1 and 2. Pancreas is core of your proper digestion. Go to functional disorders. Healthy diet is vital.

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Be healthy and happy.

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