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Good morning doctor: Lately I have been experiencing periodic pain in the lower right abdomen that tends to also radiate down into the right groin area. Earlier this year I had a colonoscopy and, later, flexible sigmoidoscopy (as a precautionary follow-up). The doctor removed polyps and indicated evidence of  diverticulitis. I am wondering if the pain I have been experiencing of late could be symptoms of IBS; I do not return to the doctor for follow up consultation until notified.
Thank you for any suggestions you might provide.

Hi Robert

You ask “I am wondering if the pain I have been experiencing of late could be symptoms of IBS?”
I personally do not believe in IBS. It is “garbage can” diagnosis, when the real reason is not known.
Pain in the right lower abdominal area in men may have many reasons. More common are:
•   Chronic appendicitis
•   Diverticulosis, but more often it is on the left
•   Inguinal hernia
•   Chronic prostatitis
•   Right kidney, ureteral stone
•   Intestinal parasites
•   Candida-yeast overgrowth with ileocecal valve dysfunction, and more

You  need the diagnosis for right treatment.I may suspect diverticulosis. More info you can get on

If you will experience pains, I can give good advice if you fill up the Biotherapy’s Patient Questionnaire and send it to me by email or fax.

After that, call to my office for phone consultation. I help many with your situation.

Have good health.

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