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I have 2 questions... I'm not 100% sure I had the stomach flu... The E.R. said it could also have been food related. (Ate bad fast food, and got sick 24hrs later) -

Tuesday I ate at McDonald's and Wednesday I had watery diarrhea followed by severe nausea. Never threw up, but for a few days I had nausea so bad I could barely function until I got Zofran, and watery diarrhea.

I didn't eat all Wednesday since I was sick in the morning. Went to the E.R. and my blood work was fine, so they gave me a Rx for Zofran.

Thursday I didn't eat at all, I just sipped water and took Zofran every 4 hours. (that's what the bottle said. It was 4mg every 4 hours, the type that dissolves.) I didn't even get half a bottle of water done... I should say.

Friday I started eating a little chicken broth with soda crackers, and after a few sips I started to get really sick again. Went back to the E.R. They did more blood work, a urine test and a contrast cat scan where you have to drink this yellow stuff, then they inject you with more contrast through an IV. Everything came back normal. They sent me home with a Zofran injection and I was able to sleep.

Saturday I felt a little better, I ate one soda cracker every half hour for a few hours. maybe got less than half a sleeve done but I spent the entire night with heart burn.

today, Sunday, It's been 5 days and I'm starting to recover... I was able to eat 4 of those little jello cups, and drink a full bottle of water.

(I hate nausea and the idea of vomiting so bad that I get worked up and it takes me longer to shake it for some reason. probably because I'm terrified of eating and making myself nauseous. It took me 4 days to try to put food in my stomach. I think that makes it worse, lack of nutrition and proper hydration) - I still have watery diarrhea, but it's improving. While I still need Zofran, I'm more comfortable than I have been previously, minus feeling heavy in the head... (it's like a light-headed, but heavy at the same time type feeling)

So the two questions. well three...

1. considering the time of the year, would this be more likely the stomach flu or from eating bad McDonald's the day before? (In fact, I filed a complaint against them because I found a hard rock or bone like object in my chicken wrap that got stuck in my gums.)

2. the ER doc said my symptoms should be over if it were the flu or food poisoning... could eating so sporadically and such tiny amounts be keeping me sicker longer?

3. If it were the stomach flu... My mom hasn't gotten it so far, but if I pass it on to her... can she pass it back to me? I don't think I can go through this again.

Hi May

“Stomach flu” can mimic food poison, bacterial, viral, or parasites infection, acute gastritis (stomach inflammation), etc.
In your case, it connects with eating of the fast foods; therefore, everything is possible.

Peter Melamed, PhD.


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