Hello Doctor,
 About 5 years ago I was in the hospital with sever gastroparisis.  I lost over half my weight.   
   The doctor put me on prednizone and said I also had celiac disease and not to eat wheat, rye or barley.   I did not like the prednizone and he instead put me on 2 tablets metheltrexate once a week.    I have been taking this all these years.  At first he said it would be temporary and each appointment he discussed taking me off.  But then he said I must take it the rest of my life.   I also feel waylaid because he doesn't see or monitor me for the last 2 years.  My regular doctor said he feels very uncomfortable with me taking it but will not interfere with the specialist.
  So now I also have diabetes and I worry about other complications.  Can you offer any advice about the dangers of taking metheltrexate and what would happen if I was taken off of it?

Dear Dan
Gastroparesis is a symptom of the various conditions. In many cases, it is difficult to verify the real cause. The most common reasons for gastroparesis is suppression of the normal motility of the stomach such as
•   Certain medications, which influence autonomic nervous system
•   Neuropathy after diabetes, Parkinson's, heavy metals, dysbiosis, etc
•   Deficiency of minerals
•   Infection (bacterial, viral, yeast)
•   Post-op conditions
•   Hormonal changes

From your letter, it in unknown why specialist gives you Methotrexate for the rest of your life.
We live in the capitalism in the medicine. It means that by “gold rule” doctor cannot stop the medication that was prescribed by another doctor.
Doctor is just only adviser how to prevent and treat your disease. Health is yours. Educate yourself, go for second, third opinion, take the tests. You have to have the clear diagnosis and reasons for treatment.

Have good health,

Peter Melamed. Ph.D


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