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46 year old male, overweight by around 50lbs, smoker since I was 17, mostly inactive lifestyle (own a business that takes a lot of my time; have constant muscle and joint pain), had rheumatoid arthritis in right knee (doctor said it was 'false negative' and had no idea what else to call it), have history of hemorrhoids both internal and external, been told by Gastroenterologist that I have IBS (long time ago), always gassy and I'm tired of feeling like this.

I saw a Gastroenterologist to have an upper endoscopy in 2014, they found no issues. Put me on a FODMAP diet which I've followed. Can't afford colonoscopy. Still have occasional bouts of diarrhea and abdominal cramps, which I have no explanation for. Most of the time I have diarrhea I have to vomit, or feel like I will.

My question relates to a bulge I feel after having a bowel movement. It's just behind the anus, about the diameter of a quarter (so it feels), doesn't hurt much if at all, has no seepage and retracts shortly after I stand although sometime I push it back in.  I don't feel, based on my experience, that it's a hemorrhoid. My general practice Doctor looked once during a regular visit but saw nothing abnormal, then again I told him it only happens right after a BM. I also was checked for an enlarged prostrate.  I did have an external hemorrhoid removed in 2008.

My mother has a history of tumors in her head and her sister had colon cancer twice. Other family has little or no known cancer history.

I'm very concerned not only about the bump but also my intestinal issues. This has been going through on for years and I want it to stop.

Please guide me to a solution,

Dear James

From your explanation, I may presume rectal prolapse when the part of large intestine comes out from the anus. It can get out and than hide. This is a small part of the story and you have the many reasons for that. Your concern about the bump is almost nothing by comparison what happens in your body.

Do not kill the messenger. I will try to explain to you what you know and do not. Health is everything!

You describe me your unhealthy lifestyle that must be changed.

I believe that you have metabolic syndrome with overweight, fatty liver and pancreas, possible cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin resistance issues.

Also, you have dysbiosis (Candida-yeast overgrowth, SIBO-small intestine bacterial overgrowth), leaky gut syndrome, many food sensitivities.

Your digestion is weak; therefore, undigested foods are collected in the intestines, fermented with bacteria and yeast with producing a lot of gas. Fat and gas make a high pressure inside the abdomen and push out you rectum, especially if you strain in the bathroom. Undigested foods in the intestines have only two ways to move up to the stomach causing vomiting, belching, heartburn or down to colon causing cramps, flatulence, and diarrhea.

Do not be anger with me I am your friend. You will fall apart in 8-10 years.
Only one person can save you. This is you dear James

FODMAP diet is OK, but zero carbohydrates. Forget sugars, sweets, sodas, non-gluten bread, and alcohol.
Get up, buy cheap pedometer and every week walk more steps than previous.
Drink plenty of water, green tea, herbal teas.
Stop smoking
Eat small portion every 4 hours; do not mix fat and carbs.
Take good quality probiotics, vitamin D, digestive enzymes, etc.

This is the first step to diminishing your rectal prolapse.

Have safe and healthy New Year 2016 for your entire family.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.

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PS. If you need to know more about healthy diet, you may go to my Ebook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You” part 2.


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