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Hi, I have a young son and I am concerned about a few symptoms. My son has hayfever. It can get pretty bad so recently he started taking shots.  He will get a rash more easily than someone else.but it's hardly common.  Every so often, like 10% of his poops are green. He's not constipated and doesn't have diarrhea. He is growing normally. He does have some erosion on his two front baby teeth which dentist attributed to grinding but I think it's unfortunately the excess of hard candy which we are cutting out. Should I be concerned about celiac or a food allergy? He was never tested. What makes a celiac diagnosis conclusive? We are not aware of any celiac or food allergy in our family though there is hayfever and one case of mild asthma.

  Dear lara

I do not want to be negatively, but I feel that your child needs help, especially in the diet regime and treatment of the hayfever.

“Should I be concerned about celiac or a food allergy?” My answer is YES.
The greenish stool is not normal. It may cause by:
Some foods
Bile problems
Deficiency of the beneficial intestinal bacteria
Some medications
Food sensitivity
Celiac or gluten sensitivity, and more

Everything can be ruled out and corrected by knowledgeable professional. I cannot give you medical advice without knowing lifestyle, eating habits (candy sound alarming), medical date, etc. Find someone around. If it does not work, call me.

I wish you and your child good health.
Sorry for delay.

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