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Gastroenterology/seeking information about elimination problem


first of all, thank you for expending your time and energy to help those of us who are in great need. i am so grateful that you are willing to share your expertise.
i know that you can not definitively answer my question, but i am hoping to get some more information. i apologize for being very graphic, but i know you need to know the specifics. in the last few days, i have been feeling like i still have to go to the bathroom when i finish [and in truth i still do have to go] it seems like the feces is mushier,softer than usual [though still formed] this morning in an effort to see if i could eliminate better, i tried elevating my knees above my hips, and the feces for the first time came out flatter than usual, not a ribbon though. it was a nice "s" shape but more flat than cylindrical. i do know these can be symptoms of  the dreaded c word. i am taking care of my mother who has had a stroke, and i do not have a doctor or insurance or money to go to a doctor. any thoughts of what i can look for or do before i panic completely. thank you, oh wise one, for being so kind and considerate to reach out to help others.



Dear JJ,

The variations in the form of the stool by changing position in the bathroom, is not a symptom of the colon cancer. "Eagle pose" is the best for BM. My advice is to be relaxed, wait, and see.

If you do not have a medical care, the simple test for colon cancer is Occult Blood, Fecal, Immunoassay. It is just $70.00. I do not sell you anything, but if you consider it, I may arrange this test for you.

I wish you health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.

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