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Anti TG IgA and IgG
Anti TG IgA and IgG  

Dear Dr. Peter,

I have took my my 10 year old child to doctor for weakness problem and moaning in sleep.
the X-ray test revealed that he has osteopenia, and one test "Anti Transglutaminase IgG" revealed that he has allergy to wheat, one doctor put him in glutin free diet and some meidicaiton (Debridate, mosegar) after four month diet there was no improvement, Yesterday I have took him to another child specialist, during visit he told me that the doctor has put him unnecessarily on gultine free diet, because the mentioned test is not the definite indicator of celiac disease. since the child doesnt have any diarah or persistant abdominal pain after eating wheat meal. so there is no need for diet.
I have attached the test results, and need your secondary opinion if diet is realy needed for him or not.

Dear Maiwand!

There is gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. In both situation nons-gluten diet is required. It means no wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Osteopenia in 10 years old person and weakness may be caused by gluten sensitivity, deficiency of the vital nutrients and whole body acidity.
More details you may find in my EBook“Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 2. Healthy alkaline diet is vital.

My recommendations are:

•   Strict non-gluten diet one year, brown rice is allowed
•   Vitamin D 4.000 iu per day
•   Fermented foods such a homemade yogurt, kumiss
•   Ginger, turmeric, onion, garlic, seaweeds
•   Probiotics
•   Magnesium supplements
•   Vitamins B’s, B-12 (sublingual)
•   Green tea
•   Physical activity outside
•   No medication

I wish you and your entire family good health.

Peter Melamed. Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic in San Francisco  


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