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I recently got an Ultra Sound done for a Gynaecology problem for brown spotting and prolonged periods; to my surprise the reports the showed to new issues.
1. Focal calcific specs seen in right lobe of the liver showing old healed granulomatous Lesions
2. Gall bladder Polyp (3mm)
3. Bulky Uterus (For which I am seeing a gynaecologist.

I am 30 Years old. My weight usually was 52 kilos how I increased 6 kilos since my periods problem started. I already have history of temporal lobe epilepsy since 20 years. All the blood tests - Thyroid and Harmonal tests are normal.

I was diagnosed with E.coli in Urine culture report 2 months ago.. I have take antibiotics for it.

I am looking for alternative/homeo treatment for issues related to Gall bladder and Liver. Please let me know if this is serious or easily curable.

Dear Evelyn!

Your question is “Please let me know if this is serious or easily curable.”

I may presume that you have functional hormonal changes, dysbiosis after taking antibiotics, chronic metabolic acidosis, and history of epilepsy. Your condition is functional, without serious structural changes. It means that your health depends on your lifestyle, eating habits, correction of the deficiencies, and restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria. In your age and condition, you certainly can change your health to better.

About GB polyp 3 mm. A polyp is the reaction of the gallbladder mucous membrane on the acidic bile, parasitic infestation (fluke, Giardia), Candida-yeast, etc. I do not think that is a reason for panic or surgery.

I work in San Francisco; you live in India; therefore, it is difficult to be your doctor. But if you read my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You” you can get a lot of information about healthy, alkaline diet, Candida-yeast, digestive health and more.

I wish you health.

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