Hi just curious as to your opinion as to what this could be.  I'm thinking IBS just from some quick research online.  I have an upcoming appointment with my doctor, but was still curious if this was IBS (or something else) in the meantime.

I'm a 42 year old woman.  For about three months, on occasion, I had pretty bad abdominal cramps when my bowels would fill and once they were emptied,the pain went completely away. It didn't happen all the time, but did happen probably about 5-7 times during that three month time period.  I was overweight at the time and would overeat immensely--large portions of food in one sitting type of thing and throughout the day.  I also had a lot of anxiety during this time as this was during a stressful time in my life.  I did not have constipation or diarrhea with the abdominal pain and no other symptoms. Just cramping, then normal stool, then completely fine after.  The cramping as my bowels filled was pretty painful though. I had never had pain before with a BM prior to these incidences.

Fast forward to now (4 months later), I have much less stress in my life and I have changed my diet (no more overeating), I exercise regularly, and have lost weight.  The occasional pain I was experiencing with my bowel movements has completely went away. So basically for four months after losing weight, exercising, and a diet change I have had no issues.  I made an appointment with my doctor as a check up, but thought it wise to mention my past BM pain to her as well. But I still was curious until my check up--if IBS was a possibility?

Dear Lena!

First, I am glad you seriously start to take care of health. You see when you lost weight, change the eating habits, and have less stress you cramps disappear.

I do not believe in IBS. Typically behind this diagnosis are dysbiosis (Candida-yeast overgrow, SIBO), a lower function of the pancreas and bile, deficiencies (vitamins D, C, B-12, essential fatty acids, etc.), inner toxicity, diverticulosis, parasites, etc. Diagnosis “IBS” is usually presumed when the reasons for symptoms are unknown. The treatment is only symptomatic, and it masks the clinical picture. “There is no cure.”

My advice is the focus on the healthy lifestyle. If symptoms occur, go for the real diagnosis.

In the Biotherapy Clinic, we focus on the healthy diet, cleansing, restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria, correction of the deficiencies, anti-stress therapy, improving the function of the pancreas.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
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