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Gastroenterology/Abdomen/groin sharp pain


QUESTION: thank you for sharing your expertise and offering guidance.

i do not know though if you will be able to shed any light on my query...i have a very sharp pain in the lower right front/side of my body [who knew it would be so hard to actually describe in words]...i guess it would be the pelvic/groin area...where the body joins the legs..right about the crease toward the, i am still not sure i gave you a great idea of where it is]

i have had the sharp pain for a few days, basically unremitting. on the first day, though it did not fully abate, the pain lessened during the day. it is a constant sharp pain. i have NO other symptoms and am in good health [i think]

any ideas of its etiology? i am not concerned about dealing with the pain, as i can withstand it...just concerned about what it could be or if there is any reason for concern.

thank you once again for your kindness and generosity in sharing your expertise with all of us very appreciative recipients

Right groin sharp pain can be the symptom of the many serious conditions. My advice is clear: you have to go to your doctor or ER for diagnoses and possible treatments.
Have good health
Peter Melamed, Ph.D

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QUESTION: thank you for your response.

i have perused the internet to see some of the possible explanations, and i see where there may be reason for concern.however, i have no other concomitant symptoms that they list or any other symptoms except for the pain i do not have medical insurance, and as a widow and a parent etc, i can not afford to go see a doctor, so i am wondering if there could be any explanations that are not serious. i appreciate your advice and your conscientiousness, just wondering if there could be explanations and that they might abate on their own???

Dear JJ

I understood your circumstances. I do not know your age, medical data, eating habits, medications, etc. What I know that sharp pain typically shows the tissue damage by inflammation or mechanical injury.
You may try to use OTC painkillers, be on liquid, healthy diet, decrease physical activity and relax 1-2 days. If it is not helpful, you must seek professional medical care.

Have good health.
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.


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