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I am soon to schedule a colonoscopy. I am told that I must have someone pick me up after the procedure. I am getting a ride home by senior transportation. What is likely to happen if after the procedure, the person does not arrive? Will they not allow me to leave?

Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Mary
Your problem is not colonoscopy but possible anesthesia. To make this procedure convenient for you and for the gastroenterologist, typically you will be sleep during the procedure. Therefore, after colonoscopy you heed supervision, you cannot use the public transportation.
Have good health.
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.

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QUESTION: I intend to heed their requirement, but because I only have one person who can pick me up, I am concerned about what will happen if the person is very late or does not show up due to their personal circumstances. What happens in this case? Am I free to leave at some point or will they keep me there for days?

Thank you2

Dear Mary!

I think that it makes sense to call to your doctor who will perform the colonoscopy.  The situation is pretty common; therefore,thedoctor will do everything for your safety.  After 6-8 hours, you may take a cab and ask the taxi driver to escort you at home.

Have good health.
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.


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