QUESTION: First please do not use the word cancer, or any dread disease because I just came out of a panic attack and that will really put me back.  IF something is seriously wrong we'll know soon enough. And I'll be sedated. I have a phobia re; sickness. Right  now I want to know what else besides a serious disease can cause these symptoms. .  lately I've had a rumbling stomach and a loose movement...not diarrhea there is no pain.  Just rumbling.  the movement  happens once a day, sometimes later in the day I assumed it's the air and rumbling that has to be expelled and it's though a movement. which isn't very much. Again no pain no vomiting just loose movement sometimes just one a day, and sometimes nothing until  the next day. I want to believe the air and gas has to expel and that's how it does it.  I can't believe a person can developed IBS all of a sudden   ...thank you

ANSWER: Dear, Jan!

Rumbling stomach and a loose movement are the common sign of the stress-related condition. History of the panic attacks also supports my point. It is not life-threaten, functional condition and may have various reasons for it such as constant everyday stress, deficiency of some minerals, vitamins, beneficial intestinal bacteria or hypoglycemic situation.

Non-drug treatment may include acupuncture, healthy diet, herbal medicine, massage, nutritional supplements, probiotics and more.

Have good health.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: first I want to thank you for your info.  The panic wasn't before it was after this happened the panic is due to the symptoms it becomes to me in my irrational thoughts,  a serious disease. I'd like to hear about healthy diet which foods? and massage, massage the stomach?  But why I'm really writing back is the day I sent this to you I found out to my relief, because I had a short time ago,  some sort of a bug.  Not really like a stomach flu just a little queasy and then a couple of loose movements not diarrhea. This had led to a UTI infection which I never had before first time. Very mild very quick.   I found out this  upset something called the eco system unbalanced is what I think it is in the colon, and I should try probiotic treatment to balance it again.  do you agree yogurt can help. is this true or other ways to get back to normal again.   Each morning I have a loud kind of a loose movement, and sometimes a movement a little more solid.  Not a whole lot of rumbling during the day sometimes can go all day before that happens.
what exactly is ecosystem?  what is beneficial intestinal bacteria.
Thank you

ANSWER: Dear, Jan!

I have a very difficult task to do. You asked me do not scare you. You questioned me about the ecosystem and beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Simple, your GI tract is the harbor of 400 species of the microorganisms. Their cells are more than the number of the cells of your entire body. Some of them are beneficial because they support digestion, immune system and control the growing of the so-called opportunistic infection (bacteria, viruses, Candida-yeast, parasites).

Unhealthy eating habits, antibiotics, alcohol, some medications, etc., destroy the healthy balance between good guys and bad guys causing dysbiosis. There are many pieces of evidence that dysbiosis can cause various functional digestive disorders. Nowadays, we know about the connection between good bacteria and brain function. Restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria is the complicated process. Drinking yogurt is the myth, marketing tool of the yogurts manufactures. You may read more on our website.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Melamed I wanted to write back to thank you for the info.  but since this began I have found out and it's a relief, that all this happened when I had some sort of bug in my system and it led to a UTI, and it is definitely part of this problem.  which now is a little better.  As for the yogurt manufacturers yes maybe it helps sell their product but yogurt does help as a probiotic.  I'm more suspicious of the yogurt pills that suddenly are around.  I know my diet hasn't been good due to my husband who suffered a stroke, and I'm consumed with his care right now and always under stress...All this plays into it.  And there is such a thing as upsetting the ecosystem in the colon.  I thank you again for your help.

Dear Jan I hope I did not scare you.
Try to focus on the proper intestinal health.
•   Diet. No red meat, trans fat, wheat, milk, sugars, alcohol
•   Keep your friendly intestinal flora by taking good quality, living probiotics, eating fermented foods, fibers.
•   Boost your immunity by taking vitamins D, C, B-12
•   Alkalize your body with magnesium-potassium, healing mineral water, alkaline-formed foods
•   Avoid dehydration
•   Drink herbal teas (Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger)
•   Eat garlic, onion, turmeric, ginger, blueberries, apple, etc

If you are the curious person, read my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, Part 2. You will find a lot about healthy foods. Go for stool testing for blood (Fecal Occult Blood Test).

My advice, think positively and keep the healthy lifestyle.

I wish you good health,

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
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