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To just narrow down my question, is it possible to lose the ability to digest lactose if you go off all dairy products for 30 days? I read some people can, and I'm worried if I did, I wouldn't be able to eat dairy anymore.
Thank you!

Dear, Elizabeth!

Lactose intolerance depends on the lack of the lactase-human enzyme that digests lactose. Lactose is cow milk’s sugar. Mostly, it is the genetic condition, and I have never seen “miracle.”
Let me clear something for you and make you more optimistic.
1.   You can eat butter because it is a fat, not sugar
2.   You can buy non-lactose milk
3.   You can eat goat cheese
4.   You can supplement your body with lactase and probiotics to ease lactose intolerance

Cow milk was introduced in the human diet just 10-15.000 of years ago. It is not the healthiest food in the world, especially when the modern milk filled with hormones and antibiotics. Nobody dies without cow milk, but there are many pieces of evidence that it cause gain weight, diabetes, osteoporosis, forget about “Got milk.”

I wish you healthy and happy life.

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