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Hello and thank you for your response.

My question is: Is it possible that by boosting my immune system, could it set off my auto-immune response that Crohn's typically is? I am having damage from the prednisone and really would like to taper and get off of it if possible. My doctor says to eternally keep trying to taper off of it completely.

So, I am really trying to get off prednisone for Crohn's and I am generally healthy- taking lots of vitamins and supplements, probiotics and I used to try to boost my immune system but lately I have been trying to take natural products supplements and eat an anti-flammatory diet that help fight inflammation instead because I had thought that boosting my immune system  too much may reverse the affect of my meds. I'm trying to find a balance. I also take Apriso for maintnenance.

I realize some people have to stay on the meds to live if nothing else works but I also like natural approaches too. Any insight would help.

Thank you

Dear, V!

Your question is: Is it possible that by boosting my immune system, could it set off my auto-immune response that Crohn's typically is?

My answer may sound strange, but I treat the persons with digestive and autoimmune disorders many of years. Let me simply explain my point about an abnormal function of the immune system. The immune system can work low, high and crazy.

The low function we can see after chemotherapy, radiation, treatment with prednisone and immune suppressors, HIV/AIDS, long-lasting infections, old age, deficiency of the essential nutrients, severe toxicity or hormonal changes.

High function occurs in all kind of the allergies and food intolerance.

The crazy reaction leads to auto-immune diseases when immune system attacks own body.
It is important to realize that these three conditions are interrelated. Therefore, I do not use word “boost” innunity I would rather use “normalize.”

Let us divide your problem on two
1.    Your disease
2.    Reaction to your treatment

First, when the doctor sees colon inflammation (colitis) with blood, the typical diagnosis is Crohn’s Disease. It is autoimmune disorders with common treatment with prednisone and salicylates. Nowadays, we have the dangerous pharmaceuticals, which suppress the symptoms, but have the serious side effects. So we may win the battle but loose the war.

There are various reasons for colitis with the similar symptoms and with different treatments:
•    Mycobacterium avium that causes cows’ tuberculosis
•    Dysbiosis (Candida-yeast overgrowth)
•    Clostridium difficle infection after course of the antibiotics
•    Food sensitivity
•    Hidden Celiac Disease
•    Low pancreatic function
I am sure; you have some of these situations.

Second, inflammation of the GI tract and treatment with prednisone and salicylates lead to indigestion with deficiency of magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, cobalt, vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc.
In turn, it causes many disorders including anxiety, depression, fatigue, diabetes with additional treatments. Educate yourself, do not panic.
Maybe you may find the holistic medical professional that will go deeply in your condition.

Try to focus what you have to do for proper intestinal health.
•    Diet. No red meat, trans fat, wheat, milk, sugars, alcohol
•    Keep your friendly intestinal flora by taking good quality, living probiotics, eating fermented foods, fibers.
•    Boost your immunity by taking vitamins D, C, B-12
•    Alkalize your body with magnesium-potassium, healing mineral water, alkaline-formed foods
•    Avoid dehydration
•    Eat garlic, onion, turmeric, ginger, blueberries, apple, etc

If you are the curious person, read my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You,” Part 2. You will find a lot of about healthy foods. Go for stool testing for blood (Fecal Occult Blood Test).

If you consider I can help you, I will be glad to do so. I remove many my patients from hormones (prednisone). You have to realize that after hormonal therapy there is the adrenal deficiency and abruptly discontinuing of prednisone may cause the problems.

My advice, think positively and keep healthy lifestyle.

I wish you good health,

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.

Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco
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