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I am a 31 year old female, good health, had a baby by c-section 4.5 months ago so still working on loosing baby weight, have about 20 lbs to get back to normal.  Trying to diet, eating more fruits and veggies and fewer sweets.  I am lactose intolerant so I avoid dairy if I can, and use lactaid if needed.  About a week and a half ago I started noticing a rushing feeling in my chest which felt like I had swallowed hot tea and it rushed down to my stomach.  This was followed by what I felt like was a faster heart beat.  Since I had a cold and was taking cold medicine at night I figured it was a side effect of the medicine.  I stopped taking the medicine but the feeling became more frequent.  Since I didn't have any tightness or numbness or trouble breathing I didn't go to the ER but made an appointment at the dr office.  After a chest x-Ray, EKG and blood work that all came back normal she said I have silent reflux and the rush feeling is the acid coming back up and the racing heart is anxiety from the rush feeling. When I was at the dr office I said I felt like I had heartburn, discomfort just left of my sternum about half way up my sternum.  She prescribed a PPI and said give it 48 hours for the reflux and 24 hours for the heartburn. It is not getting better though.  The chest pain has not let up, is now from sternum to the outside of my rib cage and into my back. the rushing feeling isn't as frequent but is still there.  I also have no other symptoms of reflux or GERD and the rushing feels better when I lay down (chest pain doesn't).  Both of my parents have reflux and it affects them differently but neither have heard of this.  I am willing to alter diet and lifestyle to make this stop but if it isn't reflux I don't know what to do diet wise.  Is this something that sounds like reflux?  My husband thinks I ate too much dairy and hurt my stomach, but can't explain the rushing.  Thanks!

Dear, Erin!

Your question “Is this something that sounds like reflux?”

“Reflux” is the most often disorder in the modern gastroenterology and acid suppressors are the most prescribed medicine. GERD may have reasons, which need to verify for proper treatment.

Your condition may have various reasons.
Bile reflux means that aggressive mix of bile and pancreatic juice is thrown up into the stomach and esophagus causing irritation, inflammation. The PPI typically do not work in this case. Cold medicine also may trigger bile reflux. Weight issue also may be blamed.

If you have lactose intolerance, it also may mimic many GI disorders.

What I do not like is “The chest pain has not let up, is now from sternum to the outside of my rib cage and into my back.” It can be symptoms of mild pancreatitis.

It will be unprofessional to give you medical advice without knowing your lifestyle, eating habits, medications, pre-conditions and treatments, nursing, etc.

As you can see in my profile, I do not use pharmaceuticals. I implement custom diet, healing mineral water, herbs, nutritional supplements, colon hydrotherapy, restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria and more. If you need, my consultation, please go to

More info you can get by goggling (Peter Melamed PhD bile reflux).

I wish you healthy and happy life.
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