Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens/Thank you :)


Sorry, I didn't make myself clear at the bit where Matt didn't stand up for me
Matt is the guy I like
And I did forgive him and we are back to being friends,
And I have given it a lot of thought,
I won't run away
My parents have given so much for me
And my friends (even though they are idiots and all that) are slightly supportive
I won't ever see Matt and Sarah again
And I won't be able to ask either of them out
Thanks for telling me that I don't need to be sporty to be successful,
Sorry that this is a new message, the last response didn't have the "ask a follow up question" button

Thank you for ALL your help
You have been amazing :)
If I need anymore help Ill message you :)

Hi Daniel,

It's good you were able to forgive Matt. I'm very happy to hear that you’re not going to run away from home. You do have a lot of options available to you right now and if you were to leave, your options would become a whole lot less then they are now.

Thanks a lot Daniel, I really appreciate it. Sounds good, feel free to message me if you ever feel like it. :)

Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens

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I am a gay man and a recent graduate of an Adult Psychology program and graduated with honors. As a result, I would like to assist anyone out there with any type of challenge that they may be facing. Before I list the type of questions that I may answer, I would like to encourage as many follow-up questions as possible. I'm not here to help you once and leave. I'm here to help you with your challenge every step of the way, until it's 100% completed. Some of the examples of types of questions that I may answer for you include: coming out, various questions of the gay community as a whole, negative feedback, how to handle stress and the emotional roller coaster you may be on.


I have studied in the post secondary education program of Adult Psychology taught at International Career School Canada. While studying in this program, I have learned comprehensive knowledge on a wide variety of psychology topics. Some examples of the types of topics covered in the program were: learning about the views of emotion & how it is linked to motivation, how we learn and the long term effects based on it, the process in which we think and how we affect others with it, how to control stress, how we are all individually different, our personality behavior, how to improve and change our behavior, and how others affect our feelings and happiness.

I have graduated with honors in the Adult Psychology program at International Career School Canada. I also have a second major in General Business, completed in College. In High School I have earned: The Business Certificate, a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Science, and a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Religion.

Awards and Honors
I have graduated in my Adult Psychology program with Highest Honors and a 97% overall average.

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