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Hi,Im 19,a guy and Im really confused.See I keep getting turned on by gay porn and thoughts of gay sex.Ill be clear,Ive never had feelings for a guy and Ive never been attracted in anyway to any guy Ive seen,even actors in films and such.Ive gone out with women,genuinely liked them and cared about them.Im attracted to women even when I just go out for the night and see someone or chat to someone I like.But if Im at home I usually choose gay porn over straight.Ive had sex with a guy I knew as an experiment but I hated it.I cant even think of kissing a guy without feeling horrible.Not out of homophobia or guilt,I just dont like it myself.But Im still wondering why the gay images and thoughts turn me on more than straight porn.Am I gay,but hiding it from myself?

Ps.Sorry for mentioning porn so much in a mature question


Well, for most people there is more to being gay than just watching gay porn. You just have a fetish for it!:) A lot of lesbians prefer hetero porn over lesbian porn, but as for the reason, the world will never know! So don't worry, you're straight as long as you've never 'been into' guys in the real world, you're not gay.

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I, myself, am a 16 year old pansexual teenager. I have had girlfriends, as well as boyfriends, and i currently have the most amazing boyfriend:) I'm always the shoulder someone cries on and the rock when everything screws up.

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