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Hi Im a 14 yr old girl and Iím kind of confused. I had no idea I might like girls until about a year ago. I started to have a crush on this girl in my class. I thought I just liked her as a friend at first but I started to like her more and more and I knew it was more than that. Now I think about her smile and want to kiss her so bad and basically fantasize about doing everything with her and I feel like Iím in love with her. Iíve never felt like this about any guy before. I havenít seen her in a week because of the holidays and I already miss her. Since this started I do think about other girls a little but not like her. Iíve seen her going out with boys before and it was really frustrating and I would just pray for the chance that she might be bi or something. I havenít told anyone about this and I donít know what to do. How do you deal with wanting somebody like this? Should I just try and forget about it and not look at her? I mean I canít just tell her I like her. I donít know of anyone in school thatís gay or lesbian. Also do you think its weird it started with her and I donít really think much about other girls? I noticed girls before just for being pretty but never in a sexual way I donít think. Anyway Iím just not sure what to do. Any advice you can give would be great. Thanks.

Hello Jody,
I was like you awhile ago. You see, I was crushing on a girl on my soccer team, I would get butterflies when she would compliment my playing, and I would blush when the coach would constantly pair us together, because as he said, "Work well together".
Our minds and bodies work in strange ways, you never know what's going to happen. For example, at the moment your heart is desiring her, but your brain is confused as to why your heart is doing so. Strange ways, as said.
Is this a girl you talk to often, or are close to? If not, be thankful, then it's easier to get over them.
After my soccer season, I don't ever talk to that girl anymore, it was easier to get over her, I never talked to her, I never saw her, easy. But, then I started to have a minor crush on my very best friend, and I'm sure you're wondering why I'm telling you this. But, you'll find out momentarily, just stay with me, keep reading. That was two years ago, last year, the girl and I dated, until I made the stupidest mistake of my life and broke up with her. If it isn't obvious, by how I phrased our break up, I'm insanely in love with this girl. I couldn't get over her, it was harder than the other girl, I saw and talked to her, practically, daily. As she's my best friend, I can't keep anything from her, so she knows how I feel.
Now, I told you this because, your lucky, it'll be easy to get over the girl, if you want to get over her that is, if y'all don't talk often. But, if you talk, if your close, I wish you luck on getting over her, again, if you want to, you know my story, I've told you how hard it is.

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