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Well I'm 15 & My Gf is 17 , we Been together for a year now. And she keep bringing up marriage, and how she want to Propose to me. I'm for it..But because were different ages, i feel like we cant really get married, and no ones Going to believe that it's real except for our friends. I don't know what to do

Hello Nesha,
Now I know you didn't ask me this, but it seems the expert has decided to not answer your question and I felt that you deserved a answer, so here you go.
You can't get married at the ages your at now, no, not until your over 18 years of age, if your in the USA of course, but that doesn't mean you can't be engaged. To be engaged, especially to wait until your 18 to actually be married would show real, good commitment for y'all, and would help people to believe you.  

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I can answer questions about sexuality, teasing of sexuality, or even hating people's sexuality. I can help people understand themselves or others, they could maybe just need help with figuring out who they are, instead of thinking what they are. Afterall, I'm a bisexual teenage girl myself, so I can answer anything, I've been through it all.


I have a high experience in the gay/lesbian/bisexual teen area, because I am one myself, which helps me understand the person more. People at my school come up to me sometimes, and just ask me for my advice, because I will not judge someone. I'm neutral, I refuse to judge people, though I'm not perfect at staying to my vow.

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