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QUESTION: I need help. I love my bestfriend but I don't know how to tell her that I love her. I think about her a lot somethimes even in front of her and I have had the weirdest dreams about her.. I really want to tell her that I love her but i am afriad. How do I tell her that I love her? (both of us are girls)
Please help if possible

ANSWER: Hi Rachael, thanks for writing. May I ask how old you both are? I think you need to be wise about how to express your feelings. Depending on where you live, there are some cultural and geographic considerations to take into account.

Do you know if your friend has any same-sex tendencies or feelings? What is her view on homosexuality? How long have you been friends for? I don't know if she is liberal, tolerant or homophobic.

As a rule of thumb, I think friendships are best preserved and not risked unless the feelings are impossible to ignore and if that happens be prepared to risk/lose it all.

Hope that helps somewhat,


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QUESTION: Ok. We are both 15. I don't think she has had any feeling towards a girl in that way. She doesnt mind gays and lesbians. We have met people who are lesbians but she didn't seem to have a problem with them.

Hi Rachael,

It sounds like there's not enough evidence to figure out how she'd react to you admitting your feelings. I'm not sure if she'll have more of an issue with the gay aspect or the friend aspect (if she has an issue at all).

I wouldn't want to advise you to be foolhardly and rush into this. It's possible that it's just a phase. I'm not sure how long you've had these feelings but it's not unusual for girls to have these extend feelings of friendship towards each other.


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