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I stared noticing I liked my best friend more then just a friend about a year ago. I am open about being bisexual, but I know that she is compleatly straight. I am afraid of ruining our friendship with her because we have gone through everything together and she is my world, but if I tell her I might ruin both my frendship with her And her on/off again boyfriend who is also one of my closest friends. I am at a loss of what to do anymore. I'm torn up inside from keeping these feeings inside, but am terrified of tellng her. Do you have any idea what I should do?? Please help...I'm open to any help right now.

Hi Alina :)

Do you journal at all? First, try and write out how you feel, every day. You absolutely should not keep this all inside, only bad will come from that. Writing or typing it out can remove some of the pressure these feelings are putting on you. If you have other friends you would trust, you could confide in them as well, but that might feel too risky.

You're right that that risk is there-you don't have to make a decision right now, tomorrow, or even next month. Start by finding some sort of release for how you feel, and then if it helps at all. Having the feelings not be pressing down so hard could help you decide better.

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I have many friends who are gay or bisexual; I am myself, as well as a closeted family member.


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