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I think I'm in love with my best friend... I get bullied by girls and boys for being short and being told I look like a girl. But, I can't help how I look! My friend has always protected me even though he's a popular athlete. We've been friends since elementary school. He's funny and nice and has a amazing smile. Sometimes he says things like, "You're so cute" and ruffles my hair, I know he's joking but, I get butterflies whenever he says it. I want to tell him but...I'm too scared and too shy.
I don't know what to do because I never had feelings for anyone before.I mean I can't just tell him, "I love you". What do I do? Does he feel what I feel?

Hi Yuta,

Thanks for writing. First of all, let me say that there is nothing with the way you look or how you are. Sometimes young people can be very cruel but you should know that once school is over and done with, you have your whole life ahead of you to be who you are. I am glad to hear that you have friends and it's important to have a strong support group so you can enjoy your time in education and make the most of getting good grades.

It is normal for gay and bi people (and straight people) to have crushes on their friends. Or even to feel like they're in love with them. Sometimes this also has to do with age. When you're younger and haven't had a large experience of emotions sometimes you think a crush feels like love. You feel how you feel.

Also, if your friend defends you and is popular it is understandable how you would attach fond feelings towards him.

The thing is, it is hard to identify if he also has feelings for you. Does he know you are gay? Does he flirt with other guys? Has he had girlfriends?

If you guys have been friends for a very long time, usually this means that those romantic feelings disappear. You feel like siblings and I suspect this might be the case here. I have a feeling he sees you like a brother to take care of. However this shouldn't make you sad. You have the love (albeit platonic) of a great guy which means you are great too.


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