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Hello! My name is Evelyn and I'm 13. I must admit that I masterbate. And to get myself aroused and have an orgasm, I look at porn. I want to ask what your opinion is on porn. Do you think that it's healthy for a 13 year old girl to watch porn? And I also tend to be more interested in lady parts. Does this make me a lesbian? I was told that it doesn't, but I have been attracted to women for about 4 years now. I have been wanting to fuck a woman for quite a while now. But I also like the occasional hard cock, altough I have never even touched one. Thank you for listening.

Hi Evelyn,

Wow...13 is a bit young to watching porn and be thinking about fucking anybody, lol.

First, I don't think it means you are gay just because you like looking at women and want to fuck one. Being curious is normal when your young. It doesn't mean you wont turn out to like women and men.

Second, I think maybe you should slow down on the porn watching. Probably not a good thing to be doing at 13.

As for masturbating, have fun! :)


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