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QUESTION: Hi i'm mick &i'm bi.the guy i'm in love with is kind of more caring towards me.He feels that i'm addicted/more attached to him.
To understand things better i'm giving some small flashback.
we worked in same company.we both missed ourselves alot when i went on a 12days vacation.But he loves me more,we had sex & everything.But he kind of kept his distance from me since i returned back from hometown is 16ookm away from his place.He maintained distance with me , i felt lonely all the time.but he'll be behaving normal at times&after getting drunk he used to be the regular one.we had sex at times.But it was never the after 6 months i left the place & found another job in my hometown.He expressed that the reason for him ignoring me was that being with him was bad for me .He expressed this when i left the company.(a lot of times after getting drunk he expressed clues of this but i didnt understand it then).
Now we're just texting & talking in phone.We both are terribly upset that we separated.I decided to go see him 5 or 6 times a year.

Also he is aquarius sun(this will explain a lot ),i'm leo sun,pisces moon.he never shows his feelings.
All the time i called him he misses me a lot.I told him i'm coming to see him for his birthday 15th feb.After knowing that he was the only reason i'm coming there he said No.He really wants me to come but still has thoughts that it's bad for me to be with him.
How to solve this issue?how to explain this to him?i can manage myself but he's over caring.i'm ready to go see him .everythings ready.we're both 24.I can't lose him,he too feels the same.

ANSWER: Hi Mick :)

He needs to explain WHY he thinks he's bad for you, and then you can think it through to see if being involved with him would be beneficial or not. If he's not going to be receptive to your efforts, then it might be time to think about if this is a fair partnership.

Communication is key here, so it'd be best if the both of you could sit down together and discuss what you want from the relationship, and where you would like to see it go in the future.

I know it hurts to think about not being able to be with someone you care for, but it's also important to make sure you're in a healthy, positive relationship.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you very much.This is exactly the way i thought.that WHY is the root of everything.
When asked for the reason he told that he knew i couldn't live without him.He knew that i will have to leave him someday & it would be hard for both to separate, especially for me.He was right i feel that much close to him. but i can take care of myself.Can i talk to him about seeing for his birthday?I'm pretty sure he wants to see me but he's a thought that i need not travel this much far for seeing him.I'm thinking of going anyway.your opinion is needed.

Hi :)

That is totally up to you! You're smart, and quite obviously think through your decisions. If you're ok with the possibility that you could visit him and leave feeling sad or disappointed, and can take care of yourself if it does go that way, then you should feel free to go!

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