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I never done anything with a girl before, except for making out. Me and my gf on valentine day plan on , .. Hooking up with each other. And i feel nervous, and i got jitters. But what should i expect from it, and is their anything that i should do before we do anything like (shave, take a long hot bath??)

Sorry about the 2 day wait, Ive been having some problems with my family.

So, lesbian sex:)

The first thing I want to say is, it won't be perfect, but you shouldn't expect it to be.

1. Shaving/waxing isnt required, its more of individual preference, but even if you dont do anything down there, make sure your legs, and underarms are smooth.

2. Taking a bath might help you calm down a bit, and it'll aslo keep you clean. Make sure you at least take a shower before you leave.

3. The same as making out, make sure you brush your teeth before you go.

4. If you have long nails, cut them down-they hurt...a lot:)

5. If you have long hair, it might help to put your hair up. From experience, I like my hair down for the 'sexy' look, but I always have a hairband on my wrist for when I need it.

I'm assuming you get the gist of lesbian sex, but for further reference:

Good luck, and happy Valentines:)

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