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I'm a 15 year old bisexual girl and I have a huge crush on a friend of mine, also a girl. Last year, she told me she was bi too. But she's only dated guys since then as far as I know. (Which of course doesn't mean she isn't bi but anyways) Sexual orientation can change throughout people's lives. So I guess my question would be, is there a way to ask her if she still identifies as bisexual without being weird or awkward?

Hi Kayla,

Thanks for your question. I agree with what you said, especially in females, sexuality seems to be more fluid - whether due to society 'allowing' women to be more flexible or just because women really are more fluid.

I think the least awkward way to ask your friend would be to make it playful and lighthearted. Perhaps if you turned it into a game like asking who your celebrity crushes are? She might have more male than female crushes. Or you could ask for her top 3 from either gender. Then the conversation could lead to sexuality (as you would subtley steer it in that direction).

Or another way might be for your to mimick her and speak as if you were her - like an impersonation. The you can make these claims that she's bi or gay or straight in a joking way for her to say yes or no to. Like I said, remember to make this playful and make sure she knows you are teasing in a harmless way.

Those are a couple of ideas but the point is to use comedy and comfort to help her to open up.

Hope that help :)


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