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Hey :) I know I'm queer, I just want to know the subtype of queerness XD so here goes. I'm a 14 year old, cisgender female.  Basically, I wouldn't have sex with anyone with a vagina. But I could love (and have loved) them in any and every other way. I think I could be sensually/emotionally/romantically attracted to anyone with the right character or personality, but I could only be sexually attracted to biological males. As far as girls or MTF transpeople, I would (and have) want to hold hands, cuddle, kiss, make out even, as long as we had chemistry. But sex with a biological girl is just not for me. I also find genderqueers/genderfluids attractive, but again, no sex with vagina lol sorry if I sound really frank, this is just frustrating. So seriously, is there a word for this? Am I pansexual? My mentality fits pansexuality, but if I can't stand the idea of girlxgirl sex...then what?

Hello Bella,
First, I must ask why do you feel the need to label yourself? Labeling is just another way to separate ourselves from others. It's unnecessary to label.
Who cares what label you are, whether you are bisexual, lesbian, gay, straight, pansexual, none of it matters, just be yourself.
I'm sorry none of this is supposed to sound rude, and I hope it doesn't.
Just be yourself, we're all different, so there's not a label for everything out there. Just be Bella.

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I can answer questions about sexuality, teasing of sexuality, or even hating people's sexuality. I can help people understand themselves or others, they could maybe just need help with figuring out who they are, instead of thinking what they are. Afterall, I'm a bisexual teenage girl myself, so I can answer anything, I've been through it all.


I have a high experience in the gay/lesbian/bisexual teen area, because I am one myself, which helps me understand the person more. People at my school come up to me sometimes, and just ask me for my advice, because I will not judge someone. I'm neutral, I refuse to judge people, though I'm not perfect at staying to my vow.

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