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maybe you can't help but is there a way to stop liking other girls? what can i do ?

Hello Alison,
Personally, I don't believe there is a way to stop it, or 'cure' it as some say, it's not a choice, you don't chose it.
My opinion aside though, there are many organizations and churches saying they have the 'cure' for being gay. These places also tend to be extremely homophobic though, so if your okay with that, then it's your choice.
It all depends on what side of the controversial argument your on.

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I can answer questions about sexuality, teasing of sexuality, or even hating people's sexuality. I can help people understand themselves or others, they could maybe just need help with figuring out who they are, instead of thinking what they are. Afterall, I'm a bisexual teenage girl myself, so I can answer anything, I've been through it all.


I have a high experience in the gay/lesbian/bisexual teen area, because I am one myself, which helps me understand the person more. People at my school come up to me sometimes, and just ask me for my advice, because I will not judge someone. I'm neutral, I refuse to judge people, though I'm not perfect at staying to my vow.

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I was awarded Honesty for student of the month, so you know that I'll be completely honest when I tell you my opinion on the situation, and what you should do.

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