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Hi. I Am A Teen and I Really Want To Know If I'm Bisexual. I'm Straight but Now I Question  Myself.. Am I Really? I Feel Kind Of Wierd because the day before yesterday I was on kik messenger and talking to a bisexual girl. She hit on me and asked me if I was straight. I'm used to most bisexuals doing this because it's an accident and things happen. Plus, I know they like both genders. They apologize and everything for the flirting and I try to be cool and say it is okay. Yesterday I was doimg fine but I couldn't stop thinking about it.. I felt wierd ! I don't want to believe I'm bi. I use to be bi but never dated a girl. My sister told then I'd go to hell. (I'm A Christian) So believing her words, I Changed straight again. The girl asked why I changed my sexuality so  I  told  her. She gave me a longparagraph on how it's not true and God will love me anyway. I looked it up, turns out my sister was putting her beliefs in my head and this girl was right. I know as long as I believe in God, Accept Jesus Into My Life, I Will Make It Into The  Gates Of Heaven. I Take The Bible and Not By Beliefs At All. It's Killing Me and Freaking Me Out. I felt since God will love me anyway, it's okay. But I don't want to be bisexual!! I don't want to believe it.

Hello. Its normal to have sexual thoughts about other girls at your age. It doesn't always mean you are bi or gay. I also believe some people do not make a choice to be bi or gay but that's just how they are.

I would encourage you to find out who you are. Maybe date a girl and see how you feel about it. Also date a guy to see how you feel about it. Just have fun right now and don't "label" yourself as being bi.


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