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Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens/telling my teacher i am gay?


I told my teacher i am gay. I know he is fine with it and he will help me. However, i feel like he didnt want or felt like he wanted to tell me he was gay. I know he is, that is why i talked to him. I mean i dont want him to just tell me. I think i am wanting another gay person around but i am not sure. Does he not want to tell me. Or is it a school thing. Half of the class knows. Is he scared to tell me. Ahh, some many questions, sorry!

Hi Amy :)

Congratulations on sharing this with someone! That takes courage.

He may not be comfortable with the school administration knowing, or he's still coming to terms with it personally, or he doesn't feel the need to publicly acknowledge it.

It has nothing to do with what he thinks of you. It is more than likely it's about his own comfort level.

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