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I'm pretty sure that I am bisexual, I've susspected it for a while, and I think I've pretty much figured it out. But what I can't figure out is comming out. I am in a serious relationship with someone that has lasted a year, I really love him and wouldn't cheat or do a threesome or anything , but I cab't explore my sexuality. I wouldn't give him up for the world, I know he loves me, but explaining it to him...he's very accepting, but I would only feel like a bother to him. I know he doesn't think different sexuality is wrong, he supports it ... but a lot of people I know are Christian and they may not. I have few friends that have stuck it out with me for  years, most people I know are christain, and I am terrified to lose any more than I already have.... I also still need to tell my parents, whom are Unitarian, my Mom supports LGB people, I don't know about my dad because we don't talk much, would just be more on them along with me entering a new school and having anxiety issues that have to be treated with medication. When I look at advise columns, they make it sound so easy....'just open up, one person at a time... ' 'It may take weeks, or months...' 'just go with what your bodie tells you...' but it's all generalized. Reading those, or getting advise like that from other sites makes me feel like a number rather than a person with individual questions. I'm sorry for monologing....I'm just really freaked out and worried and I don't know what to do...I need help, please!

Hi Nikki,

Comming out can be a very difficult thing to do and I don't recommend that everyone come out. I think letting your parents know if always a good thing unless you think they would just freak out so much they would kick you out or stop talking to you. It sounds like your mom is probably a good person to start with. Let her know how you feel and whats going on. Hopefully she will understand and even be able to give you advice.

Your friends are more of individual thing. You know them best and know which ones will support you and which will not. If most of Christian then I would suspect they will think its wrong. Hopefully they wouldn't judge you and stop being your friend over it though.

If you feel you need to experiment and date women then obviously you need to break up with your bf. You dont need to let him know whats going on either. In fact I think I would just let him know you want some space and the opportunity to date other people.

Good luck and please let me know if you want to talk more


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