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if a woman made a special effort to do a complete 360 turn around while she was busy with customers just to say hi to you and give you the biggest cheesest smile showing all 32 teeth, how would take that? there were 15 folks behind you and she didnt speak to she being friendly aka doing her job, or she likes ME? would you proceed to take it a step further ? I was in another lane when she did that, there were other customers behind me and she didn't say anything to anyone else..... she did walk over to the lane I was in and she kept smiling at me and glancing here and there....acting shy the other day I seen her and she acted odd azz hell, she wouldnt look at me, but she did slightly glance at me and then she got up left a line full of customers and went to the back for some strange reason and got some water . she acted as if she was embarrased or nervous about something....that is something shes NEVER done before, she came back to her register and kept her head down and smiled slightly but wouldnt look up at me.....when it was my turn she said hi softly but kept her head down..... I do like her so I went out on a limb and wrote her a note it said the following....

"im going to get straight to the point, I want to get to know you better, you seem like a laid back cool female I wouldn't mind getting to know you outside of work, so if you are interested call me or text me ..."

the girl smiled at me with a big cheesy grin and said thank you but hasn't contacted me yet
........ do you think she'll call me or text me? my friend told me to ask her for her number......cuz obviously there is a crush here and she is extremely shy

I went to the store 4/7/2013 and she was happy as hell when she seen me she spoke smiling, I went back again on 4/8/2013 and she was in the ilse with the district manager and boy when she seen me she was EXTRA HAPPY SHE waved at me with both hands, palms upward and fingers curled inward just cheesing and waving and showin all 32 teeth, ......i dunno if I should just be more upfront and ask her for her number or leave it alone she just EXTREMELY SHY? am I reading this all wrong and shes just being friendly and is doing her job or does she has a HUGE crush on me....and wants me to ask her for her number

i just found out that shes a pastors daughter...oh btw way im a female also and my brother likes her also but he hasnt been as blunt as me nor does he get as much attention as I do from her" he thinks she werid all around but she could be gay

does she like me n shes just takin her time, I dunno if I should just be more upfront or leave it alone

oh the day after I found out shes a pastors daughter...i went back to the store...and she looked at me in my eyes with an angry look and she said hi to me smiling...why would she do that? does she want me to ask her for her number since she wont call me........unless im misreading everything and shes not gay? why act this way aka shy, kiddy, touchy feely if you dont want more from me...why act like this for 5 months straight but dont do nothing about it..... i feel like if she liked me as much as she acting, why not call me.......

Hi Nikolle,

From what I've read, I don't know if you've done much to show her that you like her back as much as she likes you. It does seem, however, that she definitely has a thing for you. It's really hard to know exactly why she doesn't call you, but it could be very likely that either:
- She thinks she likes you much more than you like her, so it's not really good for her to initiate a call. She doesn't want to seem desperate, or she just doesn't want to like you more than she already does if you only like her a little.
- She's just very shy.
- She's not single?
I simply suggest that you ask her why she hasn't called you yet to hear her end of the story. If possible, you could try and arrange a hang out/date on the spot. You might as well be direct and get it over with. Why waste time being confused about someone when you could be with someone else who's more up to the point and who cares enough to make more efforts, right? Of course this is just an approach that you could take, not one that is completely true.

Good luck!

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