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QUESTION: this is abbey. sorry its so late iran out of follow ups. But my question was if I were to expiren with women what age would be appropriat.

ANSWER: ur not late!!! You can always go back and just re-ask  a whole new question if it ever cuts you off.

Age is really variable-depending on what you're comfort level is. The only big thing is if one person is over the age of consent and another is under it.

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QUESTION: I was wondering cause theor is a girl I like and would consider a relationship I couldnt tell my parents yet. But I guess maybe waiting to experiment will have to wait but I dont want to not b with someone bc of being aftraid of what people will think. how did u deal with comeing out? and at what age did u ?

You get to experiment when you see fit-nothing else gets to dictate that.

Coming out is also very personal/variable-some come out to different people at different times (me) or try and do it in bigger groups. You don't HAVE to come out-it's up to your discretion and comfort level. You can tell people it casually, over the phone, by letter, face to face. I was probably around 19 before really admitting to anyone.

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I can answer questions about coming out to friends, family, others in your life (students at school, other relatives), homophobic people around you, anything to do with one's sexuality, including all the many sexual orientations. I may not be able to give a perfect answer every time, but I'll definitely try my hardest to help.


I have many friends who are gay or bisexual; I am myself, as well as a closeted family member.


I'm still in high school, but I don't think that limits how much I can help someone.

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