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Hello, I am 14 and I am really struggling with my thoughts and attraction to both guys and girls. My family wouldnt except me if I were with another girl. And I feel like a part of me wants to just shut those feelingsout because family is everything to me. I have always been raised that love is between a man and women and the guilt of being turned on by the thoughts of sexual things to both sexes is really hard for me. I like one thing and I was raised by another. I cant even pleasure myself because I feel so confused! Is this normal? I no that everyone or most people say that it takes time to figure these things put .but im.not a pacient person. But, because im young I dont wanna rush into anythimg either.

Hello Abbey,
Well it matters what you want, not what you were raised with. Only you can determine your way of life, if you choose to love a woman, you shouldn't have to feel guilty about that because of how you were raised, or because of people around you.
I'm sorry, but I don't see the question. What exactly do you want help with?  

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I can answer questions about sexuality, teasing of sexuality, or even hating people's sexuality. I can help people understand themselves or others, they could maybe just need help with figuring out who they are, instead of thinking what they are. Afterall, I'm a bisexual teenage girl myself, so I can answer anything, I've been through it all.


I have a high experience in the gay/lesbian/bisexual teen area, because I am one myself, which helps me understand the person more. People at my school come up to me sometimes, and just ask me for my advice, because I will not judge someone. I'm neutral, I refuse to judge people, though I'm not perfect at staying to my vow.

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