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I don't think there is anything wrong with gay, lesbian, or bi people. I have freinds who are gay, two of whom are in a relationship. But I'm kinda confused and worried...I've susspected that I may be bisexual. I'm currently in love with a really great guy, but in the past I've gotten little crushes on some of my girl friends and had daydreams where I was pecking them or something. I had just pushed them down, and my susspisions along with it, but I just don't I? How do I know if I'm bi? And how would I go about comming out if I am? Please help!

Hello Nikki,
Well I would suggest that if you're dating someone right now that you should talk to them about it, who knows, maybe they'd be willing to let you kiss a female to tell if you actually like girls.
Do you check girls out? Do you often get butterflies when talking to a woman you find attractive? Do you find women attractive? Do you like the idea of being with a woman? If you answered yes to the majority of those questions I would say, yes, you are bisexual. But if the majority was no then there is a possibility you're not, and I would suggest you to experiment with women.
About coming out, there's no one way to come out, everyone does it differently. Some people announce it to just their friends, or just their family, or maybe both, some people post it on a website, such as Facebook, MySpace, MeetMe, and so on. But then there's people that chose not to announce it and only bring it up when asked about it, these people tend to not think that sexuality is a 'big' thing, so they don't feel like they have to announce it to the whole world because it is their personal business.
Hope I helped!

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