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I need advice . I'm sorry it's maybe difficult
I'm 20 and live in homophobic country
i don't have any friends and can't find them
no one doesn't agree to be a gay's friend.
I'm spend days at home. I waste time
I need someone whom i can came out
who i can really touch and spend time funny and easy.
I wanna love, have a first kiss
i'm like a prisoner even when i go for a walk


If I am not mistaken, didn't I hear a while back that it is actually illegal to be outspokenly gay in Russia, penalties leading to detainment? I thought someone told me that and I was very disheartened to hear that.

Whether that is the case or not, however, I must stress that you exercise caution. Being in a homophobic city is one thing, but I imagine a country would be challenging and possibly dangerous. I know it is probably not the most feasible idea, but have you considered moving to a more gay-friendly country? I wish I could be more helpful but your situation is both difficult and delicate. Are there any gay clubs or social websites you can visit?

My heart goes out to you, and whatever you decide to do I hope it works. You are in control of your own destiny. At times, though you may feel a lonely, isolated prisoner, please remember that you truly are not alone.

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Robbie Francis


I can answer just about any question on being gay (including but not limited to: coming out, curiosity/experimenting, dealing with family/friends/depression, etc.). I cannot tell someone specifically how to come out, but I can at the very least help guide them in the right direction (coach them, give them some friendly advice). I can advise and suggest ways for people to deal with bullying, depression, and self-rejection as well.


I am gay, I came out when I was 15. I had been bullied since the time I was in elementary school, but said "enough is enough" when high school came around. I've been put through the trials and tribulations of peer bullying and came out smiling. I was also the President of the Westmoreland County Community College Gay-Straight Alliance for two semesters, serving as Vice-President and Treasurer/Secretery prior to that (I've advised young LGBTQ people many times.)

CURRENTLY: Sigma Alpha Pi (The National Society of Leadership and Success), Freemasonry (Shidle Lodge #601), Big Brothers Big Sisters (of the Laurel Region, Greensburg, PA); PAST: SHS Environmental Club (VP 2 yrs.), SHS Drama Club, SHS Student Council, Outdoor Odyssey (peer mentoring program, Boswell, PA), WCCC GSA, WCCC Student Government.

Teen Ink Magazine, Fall 2010 issue (book review for Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol)

Graduated Southmoreland HS (Alverton, PA, class of 2010), attended Westmoreland County Community College for two years (did not obtain a degree), currently attend Douglas Education Center (Monessen, PA).

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