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Im Bi im havinq trouble masturbation and i can get ahold of any sex toys what are good substitutions

Hi Victoria, it's nice to hear from you.

Unfortunately, sex toys for Women are outside my area of expertise. Since Men and Women have different bodies, the best toys for Women would be the ones that are designed differently than the ones for Men. It's not a 1-size fits all type of industry. Also, different Women like different things, so what works for 1 Woman, might not work for you too.

I recommend that you go online and look at some websites that sell them (assuming of course your over 18 or 21 in your state), and see what interests you. Feel free to send the staff an email and tell them that your new to toys and let them know if anything interests you. They should be able to tell you some reviews, tell you a little more about the features, recommend some similar products, tell you about different brands, as well as how to keep them clean after use. If you don't know what you want, you could tell them that too and they should still be able to help. You’re not the first person to contact them not knowing much about toys, so feel free to be open and direct with them about what you like.

Have a good time,
Josh :)

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