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I'm 20 years old guy with average looks and physique. My relation with girls is absolutely normal but the problem is alot of guys are attracted towards me. Some of my fellows would say stuff like, lets go to my place we'll have fun, you are so cute, please let me kiss you, your a** is nice etc. Some friends would try to kiss me on cheek or neck or they would hug me from behind. Sometimes they give naughty signals like winking or licking their lips etc. I also enjoy it :) But I don't like when they do it infront of girls. 2 of my friends have offered me very good money if I let them f*** me.

When I stand of bus stop or other public places people would think I'm hooker and most of the times people approach me. One of my teachers has tried to be EXTRA NICE with me.

Why is it so? Girls don't hate me but Guys think I'm a c***tease.

Hi Talha, it's nice to hear from you.

A lot of people usually experience the opposite problem that you’re experiencing. Usually, they're concerned that their friends wouldn't be supportive if they came out to them, not that they're getting hit on by so many people. Nevertheless, if it is causing you a certain amount of stress it does need to be resolved.

This is an issue that I believe is 100% within your control and that you have the power to eliminate. If you would like them to stop (and you actually know the person such as the way you do with your friends), try approaching them and telling them how it makes you feel when they do it. You could try saying something such as "when you do (blank), it makes me feel (blank) because of (blank). Therefore, since you’re my friend I want you to respect my wishes right now, when I'm asking you to stop doing (blank).

People are attracted to whomever they're attracted to, they really don't have much control over it. Guys are usually attracted to what they see, so it's safe to say that they don't find you attractive because of your amazing personality (which I'm sure is also great in its own way). I can guarantee you that not every Gay/Bi male will find you attractive, just because everyone is into different things.

Have you ever thought that maybe you have been inadvertently leading them on a bit? If you enjoy it a bit and maybe smile a little when they do it, it'll encourage them to do it more often. If it happens in the future and you want it to stop, you would need to speak up right away so that you’re as clear as possible and they get the message.

I can't do much about people thinking you’re a hooker, but if it bothers you I suggest some exercises to increase your self confidence a little bit. If you don't care what others think of you then you’re more able to live the life that you want to and not be worried about what others think. I would also suggest that you don't change what you’re doing with that part. I guarantee you that there's someone out there who you would be into, that would love the reasons of why you think you look like a hooker. Whether it be fashion, mannerisms, or something else; what one person finds as an unattractive trait, someone else will find it just as equally attractive. That is why I do not think you should change 1 thing about yourself with that part.

Best of luck with everything in the future. If I'm able to help any further please don't hesitate to send me a follow-up.

Josh :)

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