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QUESTION: So the other day I was having sex with my bf, and I kept in the back of my head, getting confused and thinking he was a chick... I just wanna hear something from someone about it cuz it's honestly weird to me... Like idk what to think about it

ANSWER: Hi nyka! It's perfectly normal to fantasize about the same sex sometimes! Did you know that very few people are either 100% straight or gay? Most of us are somewhere in the middle! Have you thought about experimenting with a close girl friend?

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QUESTION: No I haven't experimented. I have no close friends and I have no girl friends at all

it's OK! Just have fun with your fantasies! I bet your bf would love to know that you sometimes think about girls... just maybe dont tell him it's while he's fucking you ;)
Watch lesbian porn, think about girls, talk to your bf about it, it's ok! It's normal! We ALL have periods where we're attracted to the same sex...we just don't all admit it :)

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Being a girl myself, I really prefer questions from girls, as that's where I have the experience. I will do my best to answer your questions about your sexuality; specializing in female masturbation and gay/bi fantasies, including what healthy masturbation and sexual activity with the same sex is, what may be unhealthy, or when you may need more time before taking that next step. Also when masturbating or sexual activity with other girls may cross the line to sex, and how to handle gay/bi feelings while in your family whether it's coming out to your parents, or comparing notes with siblings or children


I am a Master's Student in Developmental Psychology and have focused most of my classes and research on healthy sexual development. I have helped younger siblings, friends, cousins and now my pre-teen daughter embrace masturbation and safe sexuality in a healthy and vibrant way.

Counseling/soup kitchen volunteer organization and several teen puberty forums where I hope to offer advice

B.A. in Psychology at an Indiana University. One year of Masters classes.

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Dean's list, 8 semesters.

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Family (siblings and my daughter), friends, cousins, and those I've met online

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