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Hi. Im a transgender male. Born a female but really a boy. My sister does not approve and lately I've been going by Mason. I wanted to know, what happens after surgery? I've ben seaching for information on this topic for a year now. It hurts that my sister only tells me im confused, i wish i coud make her see that im so uncomfortable being adressed as a girl. And maybe in te she wil. But im curious about the whole cost and the facts about surgery. Help?

Hi Mason,

I have done a little search around and found a website you may be interested in.
Here is one about the average cost in different states.
If you go to the "Doctors" tab to the left of the "Cost" tab (the tab the link initially leads you to), you can find the places that offer these kinds of surgery near your location. The Q&A tab  has useful information about the surgeries.
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I am sorry I have little knowledge and experience in this field. You could try asking other experts who may be much more knowledgeable.

I also believe that in time she will accept who you are. It probably will not be easy, however.
After surgery, perhaps a bit like after "coming out" to oneself/others, some of us have to deal with many ignorant people in society who may hurt us verbally and/or behaviourally. We may be excluded, some "friends" may not be friends after all, some family members may react badly, etc. But we have to try to stay strong and many of us become much stronger, more tolerant and considerate individuals after all the blows.
If you mean what happens to the body after surgery, perhaps the link I sent you might help.

Best of luck and don't hesitate to follow-up if there's anything!

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