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I just wanted to ask this question before I actually say anything about my issue. My explanation involves a few slightly graphic details about lesbian (well im pans) sex, and I was wondering if its okay to ask you questions that involve that. I'm just not sure if you want to keep it clean for younger viewers or not. If you arent able to, is there another expert who could?

Thank you for your time

Hi Sam,

I certainly don't mind those questions. The way I see it, many younger viewers can easily get their hands on "graphic details" online whenever they want to nowadays. Some of them may even have similar questions.
You can always check the "private" box if you'd like and feel free to ask other experts. The more experts, the more perspectives/suggestions you'll get!

Have a good one,

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I'm here to help you with whatever concerns/issues you have about homosexuality (and LGBTQ in general). These include issues like homophobia, bisexuality, confusion, coming out, crushes, relationships, abuses, etc. Just go ahead and ask; I'll do my best!


I've gone through the confused, denial and acceptance stages of my sexual orientation. From oblivion to low self-esteem and now to confidence.

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