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QUESTION: There are times where every other day after school on our way to our buses, we turn back and look at each other. I can count 6 or more times on separate days, where we've turned back and looked at each other. One of those times when he turned around, he had a smile on his face. Also, I've been noticing during lunch whenever I'm getting my forks, napkins, etc, him and one of his friends were looking in my direction and by that, probably talking about me. Also, he was near a friend one morning. That friend pointed at me when we passed by each other that morning. Why do we turn back and look at each other? Before any of what I said occurred, I would stalk him due to my incompetence at approaching him about my feelings, and he would run from me. Fortunately, I've learned my lesson to stop that. I felt very guilty for doing that to him... But, by my stalking, why would he take the time to turn brack and look at me and still talk to his friends about me? Mind you, the stalking occurred months ago.

ANSWER: Hi Thomas,

Had he acted that way toward you when you still stalked him, I would've said that maybe he's trying to act nice when he's actually freaking out.

However, it has been months and he may be acting nice or maybe...he's a bit interested?
There's also the possibility that him and his friend are not talking nicely about you, but you know better depending on how friendly he seems.

What you said isn't enough for me to assess the situation well and I suggest that you follow what you want to do, which might be to go talk to him and get to know him better. :)

It's not easy, but good luck! Courage is a very attractive thing.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, Anna, for your great advice! :) I forgot to include a few details. Last Friday, he ran from me again, but on the following Monday, I didn't look at him, and he turned around to look at me. Twice, if I recall correctly. Also, I've been noticing when I do look at him on my way to my next class, he giggles/smiles. Can anything else be said, or no?

You're welcome, Thomas!

What you just told me can again be taken in more than one way. Either he's just having fun drawing a reaction from you (so when you look at him, it's a successful game in his mind), or he does like you a bit. But again, I really can't tell.

Start talking to him, and you might find some solid answers.
Good luck!

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